TOGETHER WE CANAugust 24th, local community activists S. Lamar Gardner, 26,  Natoya Rae Hill, 25, and Nakeitra Burse, 29, all look to give the youth of Corinth, MS a chance to broaden their horizons as far as they can be stretched. The three lifelong friends are all Corinth natives and they serve as the main organizers of this event. They are taking this community oriented event very serious and are asking all to come out and help support them in their efforts.

The “Big 3” decided to have the event in their hometown simply because they believe that “if we come together as community and actually ATTEMPT to make progress that we will, one day be able to make a better, safer, more loving community.”

The 3 have grown weary from all the criticism from older citizens and other “supposed” community activists about the youth and the things that go on in their community. But those that have so much to say or criticize still put forth no effort. Because of this Gardner, Hill, and Burse are taking the bull by the horns. They are  getting the ball rolling on helping out the younger generation in their community. Gardner, has always been a fixture in the community. By helping children prepare for college and even going as far as helping them understand the FASFA system and how to capitalize on grants and scholarships while in school, he is geared toward a better Corinth. Hill, who along with her older sister Nakeitra, created the N2Books scholarship which is geared to give a child from the urban community a chance to earn scholarship money for their books when they go to college. So it was no surprise when “The Big 3” all decided to team up and put this event into action. The Together We Can event will be one of the first (and hopefully) the start to many community concentrated events to get our youth on the right track to a bigger and brighter future.

Quote From the event’s Facebook Page:

“Attention: We are asking the community to come out on Saturday, August 24. If you have a strong desire to improve your livelihood and make your community a better place, it is important that you attend this event. I have attached a flyer for your viewing, in case you have any questions…HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi.”

Come on Saturday August 24th to John Street Park in Corinth, MS and help out because TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A BETTER COMMUNITY!!

For more information contact the event’s organizers:

Nakeitra Burse at (662)-808-4455 or
Shanado Gardner at (662)-415-4439 or
NaToya Hill at (662)-808-4509 or


go to and Search: Together We Can

– Written by: Anson Keith August 12, 2013



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