Born and raised in the small town of Corinth, MS, DJansondewayne has always had a love for all kinds of music. As a youngster his older friends always took him to all the clubs and events and it always enthralled him how the DJs dictated whether the party was a hit or a miss. “They never told me I couldn’t go, and in the beginning I was young so I was takin’ everything in… what made the crowd hype… what the crowd didn’t like… what to say on the mic… everything… (laughing) and I always thought I could do better.” So it was no surprise when he told his mother he wanted a career as a DJ. On a trip to New York Anson met up with DJ ProStyle on his way out of the 106 & Park Studios. With that short inspirational chat and quick snap of a picture, he felt like he too could, “do his thing” in the DJ game. By the time he had graduated high school he had linked up with various DJs in and around his area (DJ Juice, DJ Dr. Love, DJ Hola, DJ Honeyboy Hill, & The Godfather). Then, because of his 52 volume “AD Mix” CDs that he started in Jr. High, he had also become known throughout his neighborhood and school as the guy with all the newest and hottest music. Attending Mississippi State University he perfected his craft and began networking with well known as well as up and coming DJs (DJ D-South & DJ Calhoun) and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Communications. He is now ready to change the misconceptions those have about the Mississippi entertainment scene and take the professional DJ game by storm with his unique style of mixing and scratching.

Booking & Information:
Phone: (662)-603-7369


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